Now you can Earn AIR MILES® reward miles with selected IPG Canada retailers

AIR MILES® is one of the best ways to get rewards in Canada

Air Miles(R)With an AIR MILES® Collector Card, you can turn everyday purchases with selected IPG Canada retailers into movie tickets, kitchen gadgets, electronics, dream vacations and so much more. Unlike other frequent shopper programs, you can earn AIR MILES® reward miles from IPG Canada retailers and also from all types of companies with thousands of locations across Canada. Whatever rewards you like most, get them quickly and easily with the AIR MILES® Reward Program.

What are the benefits of joining the AIR MILES® Reward Program?

You'll receive:

You'll also:

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Can I earn AIR MILES® reward miles for my personal spending and shopping?

Absolutely! You can continue to use your blue Collector Card for your personal spending and shopping as well. Reward miles will be assigned to your regular AIR MILES® Account.

2 Ways to earn AIR MILES®


Find a participating IPG retailer near you
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Terms and Conditions

The Company understands and agrees that it is its responsibility to adviseIPG Canada Inc. in writing should it want to modify the beneficiary of the AIR MILES® reward miles awarded in accordance with the terms and conditions of IPG Canada Inc. current program or should there be any modifications to theAIR MILES® Collector Number. The Company understands and agrees that IPG Canada Inc. is not liable in any way in regards to the AIR MILES® reward miles awarded to the AIR MILES® Collector. The Company agrees to the following: