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About Gosselin Pool Services

Gosselin Pools sales & service is owned by a couple raised in the Tri-Town area who started their business in their own home on April/05/1998. The family based business bought 44 Sharpe St., New Liskeard on April/03/2000 to have a store in town.

Gosselin Pools sales & service joined IPG (Independent Pool Group) on December/10/2003, to serve customers even better, with a larger variety of products and more affordable prices.

Gosselin Pools Sales & Service <li> New Liskeard, Temiskaming Shores, Ontario

What we sell:

  • aboveground swimming pools
  • onground and inground swimming pools
  • Bullfrog Spas
  • Pumps, sand filters, heaters
  • Accessories, plumbing and parts for swimming pools and hot tubs
  • Filtration sand (50 pound bags)
  • Pool Salt
  • Elegant Strahl beverageware
  • Swimming pool and Hot tub chemicals
Gosselin Pool Services